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for the good news. drivers in northern virginia will finally find some relief at one of the area's most congested interchanges. two new ramps open today connecting the eastbound dulles access road to the beltway's inner and outer loops. this is a look from chopper 4. drivers on the access road used to are have to crouse several lanes. causing major traffic headaches. >>> now that the tickets are set for decision 2012, it is back to the campaign trail for both candidates this morning. this weekend president obama will be taking a bus tour through florida. he'll start in st. petersburg before traveling to kissimmee later today. he will also make stops in melbourne and west palm beach tomorrow before heading back to the white house. meanwhile, republican nominee mitt romney will be in our backyard again today. he plans to hold a rally this afternoon at the military aviation museum in virginia beach. then tonight, he will make a pit stop in richmond. that's where he will help start tonight's federated auto parts 400 nascar race at the richmond international raceway. his wife ann just made a
for a campaign event in virginia tomorrow. earlier today, romney talked thet what she has seen on campaign trail. >> there have been a lot of men with sad stories on the trail. what are the three to four lines? mitt knows how to make it work. to people, trust him. e the keys to the guy who the car.w to run >> anne romney is an avid equestrian. ecide who will run the country for the next four years. >>> we will be back with the complete forecast in a >>> knew at 11:00 p.m., there is ist over the fight over - new at 11:00 p.m., there is a new twist over the fight over marriage. a player was asked to stop his blic support of same-sex maryland. is on a ballot referendum. ravens are backing the player on his political views. >>> old town alexandria is receiving an extreme makeover. >> the old time theater closed anuary after showing ofr bill gates -- for decades. >> when we last visited the old nuary, it was shutting down. the new owner plans to convert into retail stores. but the community begged him to it a theater. >> it was a real gamble. began to make sense and we to do research and find old pho
on the trail again today. he's heading to the battleground state, virginia. president obama turned it blue in 2008. according to a poll, "the new york times" and cbs news, it shows the president with a slight edge over romney. he's up 49% to 45% over his republican rival. paul steinhauser is in virginia beach, virginia for us. paul, good morning to you. so, a tight race in virginia means residents can see a lot of the candidates in the next few months, right? >> reporter: yeah, they have seen a lot of the candidates. they are going to see a lot more of them. remember president obama when he first had his first rallies in may, the second was here in virginia. no question how important that state is. he was here tuesday before the convention. romney was in norfolk, virginia. he's back today. overall, romney made seven trips here, the president eight trips. they both spent a lot of money. the obama campaign and related groups, the super packs spent almost $12 million on ads. it's a lot of money. what about romney? just under $12 million. they are flooding the air waves here. i tell you, randi
question seven. good jobs and better schools in maryland. not west virginia. good jobs and better schools in maryland. not west virginia. mitt romney's position onpprove women's's dangerous. vo:mitt romney and paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. and allow employers to deny coverage for cancer screenings and birth control. we can't afford to let him take away our choices... to take away basic health care. vo: both backed proposals to outlaw abortions...even in cases of rape and incest. i don't think that women's health issues have faced a crisis like this in decades. >>> this is news 4 at 11:00. >> tonight at 11:00, football firestorm. returning to the field for the first time since some players were kicked off the team for hiring prostitutes. >>> new details in a bus crash. the driver said the brakes failed forcing him to slam into a home. a new report says that's not what happened. >>> storm watch as a dangerous line of storms moves in our direction. >>> controversy on the gridiron. dematha back on the football field. five players were absent. >> th
news right now, the presidential race. it's intensifying today in two key battleground states, virginia and florida. mitt romney has two events in virginia and president obama has two speeches of his own in the sunshine state. both candidates fighting for the undecided voters and the time is ticking. election day now just two months away. 59 days to election day. so let's start in virginia. mitt romney making a campaign stop at the military aviation museum in virginia beach. the event has already gotten under way. bob mcdonnell giving the introductions so what appears to an pretty it full house. paul steinhauser is there, as well. we know esident obama the first democrat in a very long time to win and take virginia in the last election, but romney has become kind of a resident so as to speak of virginia. this is his seventh stop there. >> reporter: and remember when he introduced and announced paul ryan as his running mate, he did it just a couple miles from here in norfolk. both president obama and mitt romney have been here accept times now since the start of the general election. bot
other and jones drove phillips to a car auction in fredericksburg, virginia, july 30th, the day she disappeared. police say jones claims the two became separated driving back from fredericksbg and he didn't know her whereabouts. >>> 22 years in prison, the sentence handed out to a former top democratic official in falls church, virginia. michael gardner was convicted in may of molesting two girls invited to his daughter's sleepover party. during the sentencing today gardner denied any wrongdoing. gardner is the chairman of the falls church democratic committee. >>> au.s. airways flight on its way to dallas returned to philly yesterday after a bomb threat was phone. in a passenger named christopher shell was taken from the plane at gunpoint. it was a hoax. police arrested another man for making the call. turns out the two were feuding over a woman. >>> the countdown is on for the washington nationals, the team may be in first place, but their time left with her ace pitcher is dwindling. dave ross is here with the latest on stephen strasburg. >> stephen strasburg made his final home
. >>> well, now to politics and the fight for votes in swing states. mitt romney is heading to virginia where a recent poll conducted by quinnipiac university, "new york times" and cbs news shows the president with a slight edge over romney. he's up 49% to 45% over his republican rival in that battleground state. that's where we find cnn political editor paul steinhauser. paul, good morning. both campaigns working hard to get the boat out, of course, in virginia. a battleground on air, on the ground. how much are we talking about when it comes to this ad spending? >> we are talking about a lot of money, victor. this is a very important battleground state. remember, barack obama won the state four years ago. he was the first democrat victory since 1964 to win. as for ad spending, take a look at this. almost $12 million spent by president obama's election campaign and super pacs backing him. romney, just under 12 as well. independent super pacs backing him. the ad wars focused in the virginia beach, norfolk, tidewater area, virginia, noern virginia outside of d.c. those are the big markets in v
romney ads all the time. so are you, north carolina and nevada and florida and ohio and virginia. the eight states that are being targeted in the ad campaign, an ad campaign so big the campaign describes it as a carpet bombing. and this list of states, the states you see marked on the map right here, that is pretty much where the election is going to be fought from here on out. this map, you will notice, doesn't include all of the places we have been thinking about and talking about as swing states. the romney is not placing ads in michigan, wisconsin or pennsylvania. the super pacs have pulled their ads from michigan. romney is trailing in michigan by as much as seven points there. the pro romney pac money has dropped out of pennsylvania where romney is also behind in the polls. the romney campaign and pacs together, of course, have more money than god and mick jagger combined, so they could still decide to spend money wherever, whenever. this almost have infinite resources in terms of ad dollars in this campaign season. unless something changes in their strategy, it looks like
that you're better off today than when he took office. [ female announcer ] here in virginia, we're not better off under president obama. his defense cuts threaten over one hundred thirty thousand jobs, lowering home values, putting families at risk. the romney plan? tax cuts for middle class families. north american energy independence. create over three hundred forty thousand new jobs for virginia. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approved this message. the economy needs manufacturing. machines, tools, people making stuff. companies have to invest in making things. infrastructure, construction, production. we need it now more than ever. chevron's putting more than $8 billion dollars back in the u.s. economy this year. in pipes, cement, steel, jobs, energy. we need to get the wheels turning. i'm proud of that. making real things... for real. ...that make a real difference. ♪ you have a plan? first we're gonna check our bags for free, thanks to our explorer card. then, the united club. my mother was so wrong about you. next, we get priority boarding on our flight i booked with
, to miami, to virginia, gaining special access, including to the company's whose men were involved in this shoot-out. >> so as you watch this, you believe your guys did the right thing at every step? >> absolutely. >> ceo of trident security said what you can't see is that as soon as his men fired warning shots, the pirates opened fire. >> if somebody was to look at that and make a blind statement of this is indiscriminate killing, they don't know what's going on. >> reporter: he argues that his men, who train here, in the waters off virginia beach, are up against a determined sophisticated enemy. how bad is it out there? >> it's really bad because the seamen are scared to death. >> how sophisticated are the pirates? >> very sophisticated and they're getting better. >> somali pirates have carried out 170 successful hijackings and taking hostages. he has a full mock-up of a ship that he uses for training. he shows me the shockingly thin ladders that the pirates use to board. >> they're nimble enough to climb on something like this. >> absolutely. >> he also shows me the arsenal his
. no rain locally. rain drops in central maryland and west virginia in elkins and morgantown right now. these showers are about four hours away. that puts it in here at noon or 1:00. thickening clouds this morning showers and thunderstorms arriving around noon time. some of those will be severe. we'll keep an eye on that. tomorrow noticeably better, clearer, drier. cavaliers taking on penn state. a noon kickoff. you need to get on the road soon if you're going to make the game. 80% chance of rain before the game is done. they have to worry about thunderstorms in wahooville. >>> demath ta catholic high school is trying to move on from a scandal. they defeated cal vert hall 23-14, but they did so without five of their players. five students withdrew after accusations they hired prostitutes. the students reportedly hired the prostitutes from a website and snuck them in after team chaperones completed final room checks. >> i think that's something that clearly is illegal should not be accepted. >> almost mind boggling for them to do it knowing chaperones, coaches, whatever, are nearby. it'
in particular, virginia and florida. mitt romney is holding two events in virginia today and president obama is courting votes in the sunshine state. both candidates are fighting to win over undecided voters, and time to election day just 59 days now. we get started in florida where president obama kicked off a two-day bus tour there, this past hour he spoke at a college in st. petersburg near tampa. the president blasted romney's economic plan saying it's all about tax cuts for the wealthy and gutting regulations for wall street. >> this is a choice between two fundamentally different paths for america, two fundamentally different visions for our future. now ours is a fight, on behalf of that basic bargain that built the largest middle class and the strongest economy the world has ever known, the bargain that says if you work hard, it will pay off. the bargain that says responsibility will be rewarded, and everybody's got a fair shot, and everybody does their fair share, and everybody plays by the same set of rules from main street to wall street to washington, d.c. >> later today the presi
are pounding the pavement in two critical swing states. we'll take you live to virginia and florida, where president obama is to speak just moments from now. will they or won't they? teachers threatening to walk out of chicago public schools monday are back at the bargaining table. the goal, to avoid a strike that would keep hundreds of thousands of students out of school and possibly on the street. >>> and a child with down syndrome kicked off a plane after being deemed a safety hazard. now we will hear straight from his father about how it all went down. >>> but first, the battle for the white house is heating up today in two key battleground states, virginia and florida. mitt romney is holding two events in virginia and president obama is courting votes in the sunshine state. both candidates fighting to win over undecided voters, and they have only 59 days left to do it. we start in florida, where president obama is speaking this hour in st. petersburg. our chief white house correspondent jessica yellin keeping an eye on that for us. jessica, the latest polls give obama a slight lead in
. >> romney is taking his bid directly to the voters today. he's heading to the battleground state of virginia, where recent polls show the president with a slight edge over romney. he's up 49%-45% over his republican rival. you see it there. cnn political editor paul steinhauser is in virginia beach, virginia, where it is shaping up to be a close race. so, paul, tell us what that means for the candidates' travel schedules. >> reporter: that means you're going to see them over and over and over here in virginia. randi, mitt romney, this is his seventh trip to virginia since the general elections started. remember, where did he announce his running mate, paul ryan, last month? not far from here. i'm in virginia beach and he made the announcement close by in norfolk. president obama's been here seven times, seven trips since the start of the general election. and when he had his first rallies, they were in ohio and here in virginia. just shows how important the state is, both sides spending a lot of money on ads, too. check out this new ad by mitt mitt that started running here this morning, one
campaigning in northern virginia today in a barn, maureen umeh everywhere at 11:00. >> the wife of the republican presidential nominee was greeted by 800 supporters at a women for mitt rally at a leesburg stable. romney joked about the venue but said she felt right at home. she is an avid equestrian and rides horses as part of her therapy for multiple sclerosis. she criticized president obama's handling of the economy and asked the female audience to support her husband. >>> congressman jesse jackson jr. back home in d.c. after being treated for bipolar disorder at a minnesota clinic. the illinois representative is recovering with his family by his side. his aide says jackson hopes to be back at work monday. >>> apple is reportedly looking to launch an online radio service. the wall street journal says the tech giant is in talks to license music for the service that would create virtual stations based on the user's choice of gavin song or artist to be played on web -- a given song or artists to be played on web songs. more adults say they listen to music on pandora than itunes.
was carrying $3800 in cash the day she disappeared. they were headed to a car auction in virginia on july 30. this surveillance video shows phillips that day dropping her child off at a daycare. she would never be seen alive again. >> there were statements made by the suspect. at this time, we can't disclose exactly what was said. >> investigators said they had their eye on jones all along. it was through inconsistent stories that they were able to get a warrant and take him into custody. >> we believe he is the one that is responsible for the death of phillips. >> police would not elaborate on his criminal past, but they do say jones have somewhat of a criminal past. according to these charging documents for this particular investigation, he could face up to 30 years in prison for the second-degree murder charge and he could also face the death penalty for the first-degree murder charge. live outside prince georges county police headquarters. >> all right, ken, 22 years in prison. that's the sentence for michael gardner of falls church. he's the man convicted of molesting two little gi
? highest one i found so far in virginia at 69 miles an hour in ashburn. dulles 63. gaithersburg around 60. we'll talk about the cooler and drier air that moves in and the hint of fall we'll experience. bruce, back to you. >> thank you. >>> right now let's go to is surae chinn with a stage collapse. >> reporter: the stage and sound crew here trying to clean up all the debris all over the ground here. a lot of heavy equipment here. but they are trying to sort it all the place people enjoying a concert when there were high winds. a lot of the scaffolding it cleaned up now. some crewmembers on the stage had speakers fall on them sending them to the hospital. >> it got blown over. >> reporter: more than 1,000 people were enjoying a concert at the 22nd annual rosslyn jazz festival when they got a warning to evacuate. vendors frantically tried to pack up. >> bam it just hit. didn't even take a minute. told to us pack up. next thing we know, in three minutes, everything is blowing and tables flying, chairs, merchandise, people running. >> reporter: everyone evacuated safely but left behind was th
and north parts of virginia with without power. widespread power out annuals possible. we have more severe weather possible stretching from parts of new england all the way down into the carolinas. we have a number of severe weather watches and also tornado watches. aside from tornadoes, large hail, damaging wind gusts in excess of 60 miles an hour is possible, dangerous lightning and flash flooding and the culprit for all this is a large and strong cold front that's continuing to push eastward. bringing in a lot of heavy rain across parts of upstate new york, into parts of maryland and virginia, and you can see how far south some of those thunderstorms stretch into parts of the florida panhandle. otherwise here is a look how many severe weather watches we have in effect. most of them stretching into parts of later tonight, 11:00 p.m. is the latest one. severe thunderstorm watch. now one in particular does include southern parts of the state of maine. otherwise you can see currently actually no tornado warning. that earlier tornado warning for berkshire county has been allowed to expire. b
to the north-northeast this is prince georges and montgomery county in maryland. we had one just in virginia around falls church toward alexandria. that just expiring but this one right now as we're going to look, this is pushing eastward this tornado about 30 to 35 miles per hour, this tornado spotted on doppler radar. what we've seen with this big picture is just incredible, robust atmosphere. atmospherically everyone and everything coming together at the low levels and the upper levels. here's where our tornado watches are. new york, vermont, connecticut, massachusetts, new jersey, all implicated in this. a very strong cold front pushing into this warm, moist, very unstable atmosphere. so here's where these tornado watches are posted. watch meaning that tornadoes are a potential. conditions are right. until about 9:00 and 10:00 tonight. here's where the severe thunderstorm warnings are. look at this line from albany north. all the way from the green and white mountains to the adironcks here all the way down toward the hudson valley of new york through the catskill mountains. all these sto
a moment. eddie phillips is here. he is up here. right here in the front. virginia harmon, where are you? she is with sfmta. then we have maria cordero. and sheila evans. are they here? they are representing the sfmta. next up, harbaugh alan kelly, jr., batting for the p.u.c. commission. following him, we have edgar lopez, future building manager in construction design. thank you. tiffany, i don't see her. she may be joining us later. she is the newly a.ed director of the san francisco redevelopment agency. for those who don't know her, she has a very intimate understanding of the portfolio that the redevelopment agency has been managing. >> jeff newmeyer. did i say that correctly? >> good. >> he is with the san francisco international airport. next up we have barbara smith -- no, we actually have domenica henderson from the san francisco housing authority, one of our community leaders. we have rhonda simmons, who heads up the office of work force development. rhonda, give a wave to the people. thank you. do we have a representative from america's cup? the port authority, the port? [inau
republicano donde mitt romney regresÓ a su campaÑa en virginia, romney estuvo en virginia beach y ahÍ atacÓ al presidente obama por cortes militares que son resultado de un acuerdo entre la casa blanca y lÍderes del congreso, virginia otro de los estados claves en la contienda. >>> 17 aÑos despuÉs del juicio por asesinato contra la ex estrella del fÚtbol americano o.j.simpson, salen nueva revelaciÓn, un fiscal acuso al abogado de la de fen sad simpson de haber manipulado evidencia crucial en el juicio por el asesinato de la ex esposa de simpson, nicole brown y su amigo. segÚn el fiscal esta pieza es el famoso par de guantes que al parecer fueron r rotos, simpson absuelto del doble asesinato. la televisiÓn mostro imÁgenes lodo que asegura fue violenta batalla red la fuerza del rÉgimen contra rebeldes en damasco, dijeran que defsh varon un helicÓptero en el vecindario. >>> hospital equipos de rescate que trabajan en el suroeste de china intentan salvar a sobrevivientes de comunidades remotas, afectados por terremotos que mataron a 89 personas, tambiÉn daÑaron miles de edificios. >>>
,000 new jobs for colorado. create over 340,000 new jobs for virginia. >> jennifer: so all of these very specific numbers, how can he estimate the jobs numbers without a plan? >> i have no idea how he estimated those numbers, but i do know he doesn't have a credible plan. the one plan he has basically put out there in some detail is his budget plan, and if you look at that you can see he created a huge hole in the deficit, he has to slash other government programs. he has to slash the kind of employment we're talking about today by 40%, put a tax on the middle class estimated about $2,000 a year in order to pay for tax cuts at the top. the whole program that he has put out there with not a lot of details, however, enough detail to say those numbers are not based on a credible plan. >> jennifer: and he is running these ads like crazy. and larry i think there's an ad in the making from something that president clinton said. take a listen. >> since 1961 for 52 years now, the republicans have held the white house 28 years, the democrats 24. in those 52 years, our pri
is setting his sights on virginia. we'll have live coverage . edhenry is travel the president and karl cameron covering mitt romney. ed is in seminole, florida. >> great to see you, we are not two months out . final sprint. and we see both of the candidates criss crossing the same battle grounds. mitt romney went to iowa and new hampshire where they are trying to get a post convention bounce. president in st. pete area where mitt romney had his convention. bottom line, florida has a mother load of electoral votes. 29 of them. this is why the president -- >> all we have to offer is the same prescription they had for 30 years. tax cuttings, tax cuts. and got a few regulation and more tax cuts. and tax cuts when times are good and tax cuts when times are bad and tax cut to help you lose extra pound and tax cut to help your love life. >>> and you hear that. they are going after mitt romney on the issue of tax cuts. the president is trying to make the case there is a clear choice in the election on the economy and medicare which is big to senior citizens and he believe in the future . there
tomorrow. the storm has knocked out power to more than 100,000 people in virginia, d.c., and maryland. but, sharyl, forecasters say once this system moves through, much of the east coast will see calmer weather in the week ahead. >> atkinson: elaine, thanks. there's a major storm swirling over the atlantic. tropical storm leslie is expected to particular a hurricane, again before passing it the east of bermuda tomorrow. leslie is slamming east coast with heavy surf. campaign 2012 is in high gear with both presidential candidates putting their focus on key swing state, like virginia and florida, where nancy cordes joins us tonight. nancy, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, sharyl. well, the barbs are definitely getting sharper now that the democratic and republican conventions are behind us. governor romney is arguing that a weak august jobs report is another sign that president obama's economic plans just aren't working, while president obama argues that governor romney would make things even worse. >> when our opponents say this nation is in decline, they are dead wrong. >> reporter
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wanted you to know a tornado warning is in effect for fairfax county, virginia and severe weather there, it is moving northward through new york. they have cancelled the women's final will of the u.s. open or postponed until it tomorrow night. we'll have a full weather updated very shortly. >> another n other news, governor mitt romney rallying voters in virginia. he just wrapped up a campaign event in the key swing state. in just a few hours from thousand he is set to attend a party at the richmond international raceway. but he is starting his day in boston. that is where carl cameron standing by live with us with more from there. >> romney is a big car guy so take a little nascar this afternoon. earlier today he was out down in virginia beach and fired up and going after democrats for the controversy in many ways overshadowed much of their democratic convention. removal of planks for god that their official party platform. today it was very clear that mitt romney wants to push a values criticism of democrats and the president for what happened at the democratic national convention, no
. these have been tough times. >> today governor romney heads to the swing state of virginia, hold a rally in virginia beach in little more than an hour. later in the day, he'll attend a nascar race in richmond. >>> other front page political headlines for you, the battle over medical marijuana has surfaced on the campaign trail. paul ryan told a colorado springs radio stationing the federal government should not interfere with states that have legalized the drug for medicinal purposes. the congressman says he does not personal willly agree with the but it should be left up to the states. vice president biden heads to ohio where he will hold rallies in zanesville and athens. >>> west coast headlines are next. the unusual change in bee population. >>> plus, deal making for some malibu luxury homes. >>> in office politics, which party supports the war on terror more. keep it here on "weekends with alex xrwitt." there are projects. and there are game-changers. those ideas that start with us rolling up our sleeves... ...and end with a new favorite room in the house. and when we can save even m
virginia. that's leftovers from some big storms that moved through indiana and ohio last night. that activity seems to be letting up a little bit. there is still some thunder and lightning in it. but a new area of strong storms will develop later on this morning and this afternoon out west of us to start moving in this direction. and it will contribute to a big change in our weather this weekend. as well as some rough weather this afternoon. so we'll talk about it coming up. stick around. >>> police in lawrenceville, north carolina rshg investigating whether five high school football players from maryland hired prostitutes to come into their hotel after their season opener. five high school players from the catholic high school are accused of hiring prostitutes after they won against durham's hill side high school on august 31st. officials say the student athletes have been removed from the team. two of the students have withdrawn from the school, while two others are facing expulsion. a fifth student faces a disciplinary hearing. >>> linebacker brendan ayanbadeyo is reporting
priority. >>> mitt romney is back on the campaign trail in virginia. it's likely he'll hit president obama hard on the issue of jobs. jim acosta has more on that from new hampshire. jim? >> reporter: randi, mitt romney came to this minor league baseball park to give his pitch on the economy. he was served up a softball in the form of the nation's unemployment report. mitt romney tried to offer sobering words of what he called the hangover after president obama's convention party. in another disappointing report on the stagnant jobs market. >> it's been 43 straight months above 8%. it's a national tragedy. >> reporter: the unemployment numbers show 96,000 jobs created in august. the rate dropped due to 368,000 leaving the work force. he has a new line where the president is taking the country. >> it's four more years of the four last years. i don't think the american people want four more years. >> reporter: he hit back on the president's charge he's yet to offer specifics saying he will create 12 million jobs with tax cuts, more domestic energy. listen how he vowed to tackle the deficit. >
romney is headed to virginia. attending at the aviation museum in virginia beach. we'll hear from campaign carl cameron on the trail during america's news headquarters. i'm jamie colby, now, back to bulls be and bears, on the fox news channel. keep it here. >> brenda: unions beginning a big in their battle making collective bargaining a constitutional right in michigan. the state supreme court ordering that referendum to be put on the ballot this november, but over in wisconsin, they're starting to see the badger state's budget improving after governor scott walker rolled back the power. and toby, which state has it right? >> and i'm looking at the numbers here. and my gosh, wisconsin, they're not that far apart. i don't know if you know the geography there. >> thank you, toby. >> and number one, and any way you measure it, unemployment rate, the debt, the way that they-- the taxes have gone up, by dropping rate and they're the quintessential state like the mind warp. and somehow michigan's gone into a time warp and just gb back to the 1960's, we're going to do great here or maybe
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